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Colt 45 Special Operations Association

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Description:Call them Green Berets, SEALS, Air Commandos, Rangers, Force Recon, and SAS. Beyond these honored titles, and a handful of others, participants in Special Operations defy easy description. 
Masters of “unconventional warfare,” they can’t be defined by conventional terms. For them, “uncommon valor” is a common trait, “unusual risk” describes the usual workday, and “above and beyond” is part of the job description. 
Today, as America begins to learn and understand more about their contributions, we at America Remembers are proud to honor these heroic warriors with the Special Operations Association Tribute Pistol. The Tribute is decorated with images created in appreciation of all veterans of Special Operations, and especially the many heroes of the Southeast Asian conflict.The left side of the slide features the inscription, “Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos,” with a map of these three countries below. The bars on either side represent the red bars on the yellow background of the Vietnamese flag. To the left, a Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw helicopter, known among special force operatives as the “Kingbee,” unloads a SOG Recon team. To the right is a North American OV-10 Bronco, a support plane which played an important role as an airborne operations and communications platform calling in air and artillery strikes, extraction aircraft, etc.On the right side, a team is inserted into the jungle from a hovering Bell UH-1B Iroquois, known as the “Huey.” One team member forges ahead, decked out in full field gear. Shown in the center is the SOA name and logo. To the right, the team effects a STABO extraction, grabbed on a “skyhook” by an aircraft overhead and pulled out on a harness. 
Model: Colt® Government Model® .45 Barrel Length: 5 Inches Caliber: .45 ACP Grips: Faux Ivory with SOA emblem Edition Limit: 250  # 215 of 250


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