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Florida Concealed Carry Class $75.00 Saturday at 230 PM Monday at at 630 PM

$75.00 1 day



Florida Concealed Carry Class

CWP/CCW class covers the basic handling and safety rules that you need to be certified. You will learn Basic firearm safety and the knowledge required to own and carry a hand gun. Resident and non Resident CCW classes good in 30 + States.

1. Safety rules including: storing, maintaining, and carring of firearms. How to educate family members about firearms.

2. Laws *The required rules and laws related to carring a firearm and the limits of use for your personal protection.

3. How to shoot accurately and the safe handling of a firearm including loading, unloading and firing.

After completion of your course, The instructor will provide you with a certificate of completion and an application package. You will be instructed on how to fill out and mail your forms in order to properly submit to Tallahassee to avoid delays.
* Our instructor may or may not be part of law enforcement, they are not certified to teach law. Laws are also subject to change, and it is your responsibility to understand, be aware of the laws, and to keep current with the laws. The state of Florida and all the states that allow you to carry have different laws and they expect you to know and obay them. It would be impossible to thoroughly cover all these laws in a class so you are expected to read the additional information supplied and follow through with additional education on state laws where you may want to carry your gun.


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