15 lane Gun Range

Environmentally Friendly Shooting Range
Backstop with rubber media takes up to 50BMG caliber rifle ammo, and reduces airborne lead.
75′ Maximum target┬ádistance.


Lane Rental per hour $16/$32 1/2 person(s)
Lane Rental w/ammo purch. $10 for 2 people
Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle Rental $12 per hour
Machine Gun/Suppressed Gun Rental $35
Eye and Ear Protection $3 ($1.50 ea)
Paper Targets $1.50
Reactive Targets $2.00

Rental guns require house ammo.


Law Enforcement: Free range time with ID weekdays 10-5
Military Mondays: Free to past or present military
Ladies Day: ladies shoot free on Tuesdays